Torsion OR Constant Force Spring

Torsion Or Constant Force Spring

Torsion Or Constant Force Spring

R. B. Spring Industries Is A Manufacturer, Exporter And Supplier Of Torsion Or Constant Force Spring From India

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Constant force (or clock) spring is the reel of pre-stressed strip that exerts the nearly continuous restraining force for resisting uncoiling. This force is continuous as the changes in curvature? radius is constant. It is correct in case the changes in the coil diameter, because of accumulation, are overlooked. Constant torque, long extension abilities, and practical absence of the intercoil frictions have led various designers to stipulatea constant force spring in applications like motor brush springs, counterbalance springs in window sashes, as well as carriage return springs in typewriters. A constant force motor spring can also be used in driving mechanisms for movie cameras, cable retractors, and timers.

We are among the finest torsion constant force spring manufacturers in India. We provide mainly two types of constant force springs, single constant force spring and double-bodied constant force spring. A torsion spring is usually mounted nearby an arbor or a shaft, and has to be supported with more than three points. Different types of ends are accessible to help mounting.

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